Monday, March 27, 2006

Org baru pergi Jepun

Yep, we have a new batch going to JAPAN!!! My lovely apprentice lol I wish! Mr Firhan of BBK Store and mr Azuan Hoed of Tebrau City Store...

more updates later on who is who lol and what the heck happened to everyone!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

WOOT! Upgrading coming up!

Hi Shahril, thanks for dropping by... would love to post pictures of the Family Day but i didnt bring a camera..

anyhow, Yuz was promoted to Asst. Line Manager a while back ago.. and Kak Mashitah was promoted to her Line Manager. Noraidah was also promoted to Asst. Line Manager...

*sigh* bila la aku nak naik pula? tak pe.. tak kesah la...

and have loads of fun!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

AHA!! update

My GAWD, it has been ages since I updated the blog. so lets start with the obvious, on the 12th of July, we has our Family Day dubbed as "Sportz Carnivale". All the stores were there but unfortunately it rained heavily in the afternoon, so it had to be cut short. I enjoyed myself though.

Secondly, our much loved Training Manager Michael Takahiro Maekawa San will be going back this 25th July. I know that I will miss him. He was very supportive while we were in Japan, taking the effort to accomodate us... Although he was very stern but he was cool lol... Maekawa San. Thank you very much for all you have done.

write us!!!

thirdly, an update on the members...
Me : Perishable GL at Bandar Baru Klang Jusco
Jimmy : Foodline Merchandiser Headquarters
Nadzri : Hardline GL at Midvalley Jusco
Cheah : Assistant Line Manager at Ipoh Jusco
Yus : Grocery GL Bandar Utama Jusco
Noraidah : Assistant Line Manager at Taman Maluri

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Or just a Jumbled Mess

Another group picture. Now without Abang =D I was getting squashed by them all lol. I miss that park. Posted by Hello

Life is a Circle

This is a beautiful picture taken on a beautiful day in Shinjuku Koen. We were so happy that day. Its funny cause it was also during Ramadhan. I will miss the times we had together and seriously, you guys were the greatest Posted by Hello

Monday, June 07, 2004

Funny Hats on Funny People

HEHEHE If you cant figure it out already then you are daft. We were at DISNEYLAND!!! wait let me remember... no.. we were at Disney Sea. And i tell you that day was sooo full of Fun. Again, it was during Ramadhan but we didnt feel tired at all.. I zipping around dancing like a loony, the two girls were giggling and were everywhere taking pictures. And all of us ran to each next attraction lol =D My favourite place was the mediterranean. so romantic.  Posted by Hello

Shop TIll you Drop

And here we were, dead tired from a whole day of shopping. I think we went to Osu Kannon. I actually bought my lap top that day. And lived to regret it. The same thing costs much cheaper in Akihabara. And before you make the silly mistake of thinking Cheah San has lost a lot of weight in this picture. Let me clarify that that chinese guy is actually Ri San. Its actually Li San but in japanese there are no L, so its Ri san to us. anyway... he is one of the trainees from China. I cant remember his company but he was buds with the bunch of us. Speaks English really good. I miss him. Posted by Hello

Hakone Day Trip

We went on a trip to Hakone. It was a voluntary trip, organised by AOTS. We had to pay a minimal amount to go but almost everybody we knew went and it was a lot of FUN. Too bad it lasted only a day and the weather wasnt too clear so we coulnt get to see Mt. Fuji. Ah well, maybe next year. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 06, 2004

A discreet Interview with Maekawa.

So Maekawa San said he wanted to meet me to discuss about my job situation. sort of a review. but he was late so he gave me a ride back home and we stopped for coffee. of course most of the conversation was in his car =D such a big car also...

basically, we talked about my new boss, Tanizawa San. And we got into how hard the job has become, Group Leader and all. how terribly stressful it is. He gave the usual motivational speech =D and i in return, exasperated how i fear i cannot keep up with Tanizawa San. Especially since he is this super manager that can get anything done.

I mean, things are really not my style. I am more of the laid back person. the only reason i was aggresive back in Taman Universiti was because i had confidence in myself. not because i was particularly ambitious.

oh on a personal note, I went to Phuket recently, finished almost RM1000, but you guys know me and how i spend my money. lol. cant help myself. but it was good for 5 days 4 nights.

and correction... Nadzri is only moving to midvalley next month.

A Walk in the Shinjuku Park

This here is a very nice photo taken in early Autumn in Shijuku Park of Tokyo. Momiji or "the changing of the colour of the leaves" didn't happen the way we wished it did but the park was lovely nonetheless. Some trees changed colour earlier than others and the vast park itself was enjoyable.

There was different parts of the park, like japanese garden, european and british landscape. I remember that day so vividly, it was rather magical... we had so much fun, even though we were fasting, we still went out and enjoyed ourselves. and it was cheap too.. too bad i didnt take much photos, the others did tho and hopefully they will post that beautiful picture of us on the ground lol...

btw.. mind the holding each other.. twas a very affectionate time for us all.

 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Latest Update

lol I dont know if nadzri san knows this or not but HE IS COMING TO WORK IN MIDVALLEY STORE!!! MUAHAHHAHAHA lol effective 21/05 but reporting at midvalley 1/6, he will be the Home Fashion GL!! .. wow I am sooooo happy

Dinner with Maekawa San

So we all had a dinner date with Maekawa San 15/05, which was last saturday or something.. anyhow... dinner at his home and with his wife and his daughter Nanami san... didnt happen... he was late because he lost his carkeys lol..

the story was like this... apparently, he had a bunch of things to carry to the office or something so left the keys on the roof or boot of the car.. its only when he was saying "OMG! I'm almost late, I have to hurry" that he realized he was missing his keys ... thank goodness a customer had found his keys earlier and gave it to somebody,, but not after a LOT of looking around.

so basically all of us had dinenr in ARENA BU... quite nice meal also.. and MARUMOTO san or something like that who is the Home Center Store Manager, a project leader also joined us.. real cute too..

well we had a blast then we all went home... oh i almost forgot.. me and cheah went out partying at Liquid later that night.. had a BLAST!